Who Is Hadrien?

Hadrien has become the industry name for health and fitness in Northern Virginia, and is responsible for countless transformations with glowing testimonials. Through his result driven programs and optimized personal training you will always find a sense of community. 
Hadrien's passion for creating a strong sense of community in order to achieve higher health and wellness results is what lead to the inception of his popular program "Squad Sessions", where you never feel like you’re working out alone. You know you have a certified personal trainer showing you exactly what he does every single day to keep himself fit. Throw in the Fitness Feasts nutrition plan (that you can have delivered to your doorstep if you live in Northern Virginia), and you have a full scope of how to live a healthier lifestyle without even thinking about it.
"As a NASM Certified and lifetime athlete, I've always seen fitness through the eyes of competition and perform through passion. As a trainer, I translate that same enthusiasm and work ethic through functional strength training and intensity! From football to soccer, basketball to track and field, I demonstrated explosive power and avoided injury through attention to detail. My dream client is any individual willing to work tirelessly through their goals; always ready to conquer the next obstacle." -Hadrien Harroo


Drop your details below with any questions you might have regarding our programs, one on one personal training,or how to get started! We're looking forward to getting to know you, your background, current lifestyle and why you're looking to make a change. Our selection of result driven workout styles gives you a range of opportunity when it comes to implementing a regular fitness program into your daily routine. Not to mention joining a fitness community that will help you stay accountable. You'll always have 24/7 access to connect with your trainer, but we think having a community that you can discuss your fitness journey with is crucial in keeping you motivated. Regardless of the program you choose, whether it's Squad Sessions, 10 Day Slice Challenge, or 1-1 digital or in-person Optimized Personal Training Sessions, we'll make it extremely easy for you to have the tools to see results. 


Looking forward to speaking with you soon!

-Hadrien Harroo