Why Personal Train online?

  1. LIFESTYLE FREEDOM - Time and location freedom, meaning train where you want, when you want.
  2. FULL ACCESS TO WHAT YOU PAY FOR - 24/7 access to your trainer and full program. 
  3. BANG FOR YOUR BUCK- Most cost AND time effective, mentally rewarding way to crush your fitness goals.

How is “Digital Training” different than “Traditional training”?

Not for the faint of heart, Digital Personal Training takes far more discipline. Think of online training as online-classes in school - you will only succeed making concerned, consistent effort. We have the proven systems in place for your success, all you have to do is sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride!

By this token, we should acknowledge that online training isn't for everybody, neither is our intense style of training - therefore, we only take clients on an application basis.

What is "Hybrid Personal Training"?

Where in-person attention to detail meets time freedom and convenience. Train with us both in-person, AND online.

"Reap more value from your training sessions by having access to your trainer outside of the gym; and having access to the gym outside of your trainer."

Results-based, dynamic workout programming suited for individuals eager for growth with a calculated approach.

What's included in my "In-Person 1-1 Training" Sessions?

  • A full health and wellness overhaul of your current lifestyle

  • Individualized attention geared towards the best practices for you along your journey 

  • Customized nutrition through Fitness Feasts

  • Dynamic 3-4 phase programming designed to teach scalable principles for training beyond Hadrien.Fitness

  • What in the world is "Digital Personal Training"?

    The training solution for busy individuals. Personal training optimized into a mobile app for wherever, whenever, and whatever your circumstances. What kind of workout plan is perfect for your work/life schedule? What kind of nutrition plan will fit in with the little time you have? How do we do all this without having to sacrifice your social life?

    I've dedicated my life to answering these questions.

    How does it work?

    Through our Hadrien.Fitness app we deliver hundreds of instructional workout videos, scheduled daily workouts, and My Fitness Pal Style nutrition function with customized macro-tracking.

    We check in multiple times a week via your preferred medium (Zoom, Skype, FaceTime, Messaging on app, text, etc.) to keep in close contact about progress and dynamic feedback as programming evolves. 

    Why Hadrien.Fitness?

    Check out Our Successes to hear what our clients think is unique about Hadrien.Fitness!

    We are deeply passionate about our client WINS. We remain committed to our clients' results. It's different than any other kind of training due to our "all hands in" approach - where irregardless of distance, we aim to execute better than any other personal training model. 

    Okay, how do I get started?

    Please take a moment to schedule a call with us so we can learn if we are a good fit for each other! We take 1-1 clients on a case-by-case basis and want to make sure we can serve you on your journey. We look forward to hearing from you!

    Don't forget to ask us about your FREE first training session.