Our Successes

"When you train with Hadrien, you don't just get a trainer - you get a support system. He has your back and won't let you fail. If you're thinking about training with Hadrien, do it."

-Morgan Harbosky

IG: @flygirll01

"Hi I’m Tracy, I’m 47 going on 48. I am currently a Project Manager for charter communications in Charlotte, North Carolina. I did 1-1 Digital Training with Hadrien. I’ve been training my whole life, my first time in a gym was Gold’s Gym when I was 17. But with Hadrien, it’s on a whole other level. He will put your body through something that will make you reach your fitness goal so much faster than you think you’re going to and you HATE him. Like literally hate him... for about 30 days. Then at the end of those 30 days, you’re praising him. Like “oh my god… its working, I’m actually seeing results that I haven’t before!" The other thing is working with Hadrien, I can say this is the first time in my life that I have maintained weight loss from training, and I feel healthy. I’ve had a fitness coach in the past, but I don’t think I was ready back then for what Hadrien gives you. I stopped training with Hadrien months ago and I’m STILL on track with everything he showed and taught me. I’ve actually lost 5 to 6 more pounds. Trust Hadrien, trust the process. It won’t be easy, but it will be worth it - I promise!” 

IG: @therealchefjazz⁣

"My name is Jazz West, Chef Jazz to some 😊 I have been doing 1-1 Digital Training with Hadrien for a year now. I live in Ashburn, Virginia. I’m the Co-Founder and Executive Chef of Fitness Feasts and I’m also a private chef to different families. Cooking and food are a big part of who I am. It’s what I breathe. I used to work in restaurants (for about 9 years) and for the longest time I thought that there was just one ladder you had to climb in the industry. I was overworked at times and gave my life to whoever I was working for. But then I met Hadrien. No only did he push me to realize that health & fitness would change my life. But he also taught me a lot about myself. He not only changed my life, but he saved it. And helped me realize that I’m worth it. Since that faithful day last summer, I've lost over 70 pounds training with Hadrien! I WILL train with him for as long as I can. :)"⁣

"Hi, I'm Chantel. 25. Surgical assistant. Works all day. Sleeps all night. I reside in New York City and live my best life on the weekends 💪🏽😌. Training with Hadrien, though, is a new level of active living. I have been 1-1 Digital training with Hadrien for 3 months. I've learned I have to be patient and that fitness is more of a mental challenge then It is a physical one for me. It’s definitely pushed me past my comfort zone but I’m grateful. This is the most consistent I’ve ever been except for one other time in my life and it’s paying off. So, I just know that if I continue and push, I won’t ever have to start from ground zero again. My advice to someone else entering this journey would be kind to yourself during this journey, be HONEST, and be patient. I just can’t afford to quit on myself. Period. I’m responsible for my actions everyday and even if I cant go all out one day, I’d rather crawl forward then go backwards."


"Hadrien has become the industry name for health and fitness in Northern Virginia, and is responsible for countless transformations with glowing testimonials. Through his result driven programs and optimized personal training you will always find a sense of community." 


IG: @auddrreeyy_
My name is Audrey, I am 23 and I work 2 part time jobs in the Northern Virginia area. One as an operations manager for an event planning company and then I bartending part time. I have been doing 1-1 Digital Personal Training with Hadrien for almost a year. With Hadrien, I’ve learned the importance of trusting the process. I was always trying to do so much cardio and lift the heaviest weights possible because I wanted to see results fast but then when I did, they would also fade away just as fast. Hadrien taught me that real progress takes time and it’s not all about how heavy you lift, but how you lift and WHY you lift. It’s a mental strength just as much as it is a physical strength. I love this style of training, the programs are so accessible and easy to use, it’s never been easier to stick to my workouts."
IG: @nickk67
"Hey I'm Nick! I'm 24 and I work admin at a courthouse. I did the 10 day slice program with Hadrien (pictured above) last summer and won the competition! Have been training with Hadrien ever since. As far as the 10 day slice, it was a lot of fun, workouts were intense and I was dripping leaving the gym, best I’ve felt in years."


IG: @chloe.orcutt

My name is Chloe and I'm 23 and live in Charleston, South Carolina. I did Hadrien's 10 day slice (pictured above) I can say I definitely found a new style of training that I like a lot!! I was kinda stuck in a rut with lifting and this definitely helped. I also lost a lot of bloating in my stomach which I was struggling with so I’m hype about that as well!