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We've helped over 120 CEO's and working PROFESSIONALS LOSE fat, WIN their time back, and BUILD lean muscle that lasts!

"It’s important to me to have a connection with a trainer. To feel like they’re invested in me and my goals. Not just there because you’re paying him. Every single day Hadrien pushes you closer and closer to your goals in all ways."

Jazmin West - Chef [25 years young]

"Working three jobs, I had little time to dedicate to working out. Hadrien created quick interval workouts for me that are actually fun to stick to, especially with my hectic work schedule."

- Morgan Harbosky [27 Years Young]

"Hadrien is truly a gem... he is always encouraging, checks in regularly and motivates his clients. Keep up the fantastic work!"

Office Manager & Cake Business Owner [46 years young]

"I was very fitness oriented in college then my full time job changed my fatigue levels. Hadrien helped me implement a plan that fit my schedule. Fewer higher intensity sessions rather than longer low effort work outs."

Forrest - Software Engineer/Architect [25 years young]

"Your goals are my goals."

Hadrien.Fitness is centered around what works best for YOU to reach your goals. This is exactly why we offer you multiple science-backed programs that fit your schedule, keep you motivated and connect you with a fitness community. 

H.F Champion Windbreaker

It's made from wind and rain resistant polyester micro poplin, so it's perfect for outdoor sports and adventures. For convenient storage, the zipped hidden pouch pocket pulls out, and the whole jacket can be packed into it!

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Our Commitment

Our passion for creating a strong sense of community in order to achieve higher health and wellness results is what lead to the inception of Hadrien Fitness. Never feel like you’re working out alone or without a sense of direction.

You'll know you have a (NASM-CPT) certified personal trainer showing you exactly what to do every single day. Throw in our Fitness Feasts nutrition plan (that you can have delivered to your doorstep if you live in the DC Metro Area); and you have a full scope of how to live a healthier lifestyle without even thinking about it.